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Pistachio Paste with sugar
Almond Paste with sugar
BaccoAlmond Paste with sugar
Sale price€6,90
Chopped Pistachio
BaccoChopped Pistachio
Sale priceFrom €4,20
Pistachio Flou
BaccoPistachio Flou
Sale priceFrom €4,20
Shelled Pistachio
BaccoShelled Pistachio
Sale priceFrom €4,20
Pistachio Flour Glass Jar
BaccoPistachio Flour Glass Jar
Sale price€10,80
Shelled Pistachio Glass Jar
PDO Bronte Shelled Pistachio Glass Jar
Terzo Tempo Pistachio Liqueur
Pistachio Chocolate Lollipop
Pistachio ChocolatesPistachio Chocolates
BaccoPistachio Chocolates
Sale priceFrom €4,20
Almond Nougats
BaccoAlmond Nougats
Sale price€5,40
Pistachio Nougats
BaccoPistachio Nougats
Sale price€5,80
Pistachio Crunch Snack
BaccoPistachio Crunch Snack
Sale price€6,30
Pistachio Dragees
BaccoPistachio Dragees
Sale price€7,20
Extra dark chocolate with pistachio grain
White Chocolate with pistachio grain
Pistachio Chocolate
BaccoPistachio Chocolate
Sale priceFrom €4,50
Hazelnut Pesto
BaccoHazelnut Pesto
Sale priceFrom €3,80
Almond Pesto
BaccoAlmond Pesto
Sale priceFrom €3,80
PDO 80% Pistachio Pesto
BaccoPDO 80% Pistachio Pesto
Sale priceFrom €8,90
80% Pistachio Pesto
Bacco80% Pistachio Pesto
Sale priceFrom €6,00
70% Pistachio Pesto
Bacco70% Pistachio Pesto
Sale priceFrom €2,70
65% Pistachio Pesto
Bacco65% Pistachio Pesto
Sale priceFrom €4,90
Coffee Creamy Spread
BaccoCoffee Creamy Spread
Sale price€6,00
Almond Creamy Spread
BaccoAlmond Creamy Spread
Sale priceFrom €4,00
Hazelnut Creamy Spread
BaccoHazelnut Creamy Spread
Sale priceFrom €4,00
Cinnamon Creamy Spread
BaccoCinnamon Creamy Spread
Sale priceFrom €4,00