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Test-A-Taste is a direct supplier of high-quality exclusive products from European countries. You will not find these products on a wide sale. We choose the best from the best, collaborating only with selected authentic brands that have received the highest ratings and awards in international competitions

Product quality assurance is our top priority.

Exclusivity and uniqueness are synonymous with our work

Our pride is to be the first and only. 

Welcome to the Test-A-Taste Club!
Welcome to the Gourmet Club!

Our range will satisfy any of your wishes:
Author's Sets, compiled by the wine clubs of Italy and France, food blends of craft farms and houses.

We pay special respect to the choice of your philosophy of life. Test-A-Taste has an excellent selection of bio, organic, vegan and vegetarian products, We will help you save money and not limit your freedom of choice - Only at Test-A-Taste you have a unique opportunity to regularly receive tasting kits with miniature versions of products

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