450 Filter Coffee Pods Circe Paper - Arabica
450 Filter Coffee Pods Circe Paper - Arabica
450 Filter Coffee Pods Circe Paper - Arabica


450 Filter Coffee Pods Circe Paper - Arabica

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Profile and roasting
View: Golden cream and warm color

Nose: Floral and fruity notes

Taste: Sweet and persistent

Quantity for each pack
150 individually wrapped pods

The Circe paper filter pods under the Caffè Pompeii ® brand , for all models of 44 mm pod coffee machines on the market, are characterized by precious and exclusive blends that fully reflect the Neapolitan culture and tradition of the coffee ritual.

Circe Gusto Arabica is a blend deriving from the combination of the most sought after Arabica beans from South and Central America. Compared to the other blends in the range, Circe has a lighter roasting, which gives the coffee the right vigor and a velvety texture. aroma recalls the scents of orange blossom and jasmine. On the other hand, the hints of caramel and cereals are evident.

Yield in the cup:

Delicate and sweet with golden cream.
20/30 ml Espresso Coffee
Our pods are produced in Italy and individually packaged. This packaging procedure allows the freshly roasted blend to be kept in a protected atmosphere, i.e. to preserve all the aromatic notes that characterize it, until the product is opened.