BeSprizz - wine splashes
BeSprizz - wine splashes
BeSprizz - wine splashes


BeSprizz - wine splashes

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The Aperitivo with Sprizzz
The drink that shines - like the evening sun

Surprise! Because whoever pours the BeSprizz from the fancy bottle into the glass will see that it actually looks the same as it tastes: like sunshine, like sunset, like... color, freshness, happiness! 

This is ensured by the orange in the drink, which – together with the fresh bitter herbs – is reminiscent of the original aperitivo from Venice. But THIS aperitif is fruity and sparkling! 

Whether iced; Served "ready to drink" in an elegant Justbe bottle or in a stylish glass (of course on lots of ice cubes and garnished with a slice of orange) - the Justbe drink is always refreshing, regardless of whether you are on the beach, in the aperitivo bar or enjoy at the garden party. The fact is: The BeSprizz loves sunsets and evening mood - but it goes well with a good mood at any time of the day!

Natural, high-quality ingredients result in a really convincing taste. The handy piccolos come in the noble Justbe style and show what they're made of!

Content per bottle: 20cl 

Alcohol by volume: 5.4% 

Contained allergens: contains sulphites