Compatible Coffee Capsules Amodomio* Circe -Arabica
Compatible Coffee Capsules Amodomio* Circe -Arabica
Compatible Coffee Capsules Amodomio* Circe -Arabica


Compatible Coffee Capsules Amodomio* Circe -Arabica

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Profile and roast
View: Golden cream and warm color

Smell: Floral and fruity notes

Taste: Sweet and persistent

Quantity for each pack
100 Capsules individually wrapped

The Lavazza Amodomio®* compatible capsules with the Caffè Pompeii ® brand, for all models of Amodomio®* coffee machines, are characterized by precious and exclusive blends that fully reflect the Neapolitan culture and tradition of the coffee ritual.

Circe Gusto Arabica is a blend deriving from the combination of the most sought after Arabica beans from South and Central America.

Compared to the other blends in the range, Circe has a lighter roast, which gives the coffee the right vigor and a velvety texture.

The aroma recalls the scents of orange blossom and jasmine. On the other hand, the hints of caramel and cereals are evident.

Cup yield:

Delicate and sweet with golden cream.
Espresso coffee 20/30 ml
Our Amodomio ® compatible capsules are produced in Italy and individually packaged. This packaging procedure allows the freshly roasted blend to be kept in a protected atmosphere, i.e. to preserve all the aromatic notes that characterize it, until the product is opened.