La golosa Crunch - Pistachio Crunch Cream


La golosa Crunch - Pistachio Crunch Cream

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A homemade, genuine and tasty creams,
from Etna slopes to your kitchens.
With 30% or 40% of pistachio in a sea of milk,
ideal to enjoy at any time of day,
for breakfast or tea break, these sweet spreads
are a great snack for children and adults alike.
These creams are ideal spread on a piece of bread
to appreciate its pure flavour after your meal,
or to decorate or prepare desserts and cakes.

Ingredients: Sugar, oils and non- hydrogenated vegetable fats:
fats (palm, palm kernel) oil (sunflower), pistachio paste 15%
(pistachio, food coloring: chlorophyl, curcumin), powdered
skimmed milk, choco biscuit pieces 5% (wheat flour, sugar,
vegetable fat (palm), powdered egg yolk, glucose syrup, cocoa
powder, raising agent:sodium bicarbonate, powdered skimmed
milk, flavouring), whey powder, emulsifying agent (sunflower
lecithin), flavouring (vanillin).

Net Weight 200 g