MANA Natural Energy Cranberry & Mangue, 250mL
MANA Natural Energy Cranberry & Mangue, 250mL

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MANA Natural Energy Cranberry & Mangue, 250mL

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Discover the first 100% natural certified organic energy drink, developed and produced in France in can format!

⚡️ NATURALLY ENERGIZING - MANA Natural Energy is a 100% natural and certified organic refreshing and slightly fizzy drink. It is made up of superfoods such as cranberry (vitamin C), guarana extracts (caffeine), ginseng (anti-fatigue) and green tea (antioxidant). A can of MANA equals an espresso in terms of caffeine ☕️. (80mg/can)

🎖A HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE - Developed by athletes and Made In France, our plant-based drink is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks or coffee. We do not use taurine, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients, all the benefits of our drink come from natural products.

🥦 ONLY 55 KCAL/CAN - Reduced in sugar, our unique recipe contains half the calories of energy drinks and classic sodas. We only use organic cane sugar in our naturally energizing drink, to ensure you get the best possible quality.

✅ ORGANIC, VEGAN AND GLUTEN-FREE CERTIFICATION - Our drink is certified organically grown by a French and European certification body.

Our energy drink is suitable for a vegetarian and gluten-free diet, as it contains no traces of gluten.

⚡️THE BOOST YOU NEED - Our energy drink can be consumed at any time of day, before or after exercise, to give you the boost you need. It's the perfect energy boost for health- and wellness-conscious individuals looking for a healthier, organic, and less sugary alternative.