Olive Oil EVO BIO - Extra Gold
Olive Oil EVO BIO - Extra Gold
Olive Oil EVO BIO - Extra Gold
Olive Oil EVO BIO - Extra Gold
Olive Oil EVO BIO - Extra Gold


Olive Oil EVO BIO - Extra Gold

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Format:100 ml

The organic extra virgin olive oil is made from 100%

Coratina variety, strictly grown in Puglia.

Fresh and fragrant on the nose with hints of fresh olive, artichoke, chicory, oregano and thyme. The aftertaste of sweet almond blends in a balanced way with the bitter tones and the spicy notes, leaving a round and enveloping finish.

The vivid aromas and the balanced hints of bitter and spicy match perfectly with all dishes, enhancing the flavors such as orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, legume and spelled soup, mashed fava beans and chicory and hot bread.

Variety: 100% Coratina variety
Certificates: Icea Organic Controlled Operator IT BIO 006 PB 3373
Production area: Castel del Monte area, Andria (Puglia)
Harvest period: From mid-October to mid-November
Type of collection: Manual with rods, combs and mechanical shakers. Large ground nets are used to contain and collect the olives that fall. The harvested olives are brought within 1 hour to the mill for oil extraction which takes place immediately after the olives are unloaded
Extraction: Cold with a continuous 3-phase system

Nutritional values per 100g


3389 KJ / 824 Kcal
FAT: 91,6 g
Of which saturated fat:12 g
Of which monounsaturated fat:72 g
Of which polyunsaturated fat: 7,6 g
FIBER: 0 g
SALT:0 g



BIOL: medaglia d’oro 2018, 2020
NYIOCC: medaglia d’argento 2018
JOOP: medaglia d’oro 2019, 2020
GAMBERO ROSSO: 3 Foglie 2020
SLOW FOOD: Grande Olio Slow 2020