Pistachio and almond crunchy biscuits


Pistachio and almond crunchy biscuits

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Typical, Sicilian pistachio-and-almond-based pastries: multilayer almond sheets cut very subtly, baked in the oven and then decorated with chopped pistachios. This specialty recalls to mind the most authentic Sicilian torrone (a kind of nougat), but their lightness of touch and friability makes them unique due to their flavour and texture. Once they are packaged one by one, they keep fresh, tasty and friable for a long time, so that they may be eaten on any occasion

Net weight: 400 gr.

Origin: Italy/Sicily

How to store: store in the original package, keep in cool and dry place and out of the light.

Ingredients: Whole milk powder, sugar, almonds 50%, glucose syrup, dextrose palm fat, pistachio, emulsifier E322(soy). May contain egs/lupines.

Nutritional values for 100 gr of product:

Calorie – calories 600 kcal – 2513 KJ
Proteine/Protein 13,1g
Carboidrati/Carbohydrates 42,4g
Zuccheri 27,6g
Grassi/Fat 41,9g
Grassi saturi/Satured fats 4,8g
Fibre/Fibers 7,4g
Sale/Salt 0,0g