Pistachio Hearts
Pistachio Hearts
Pistachio Hearts


Pistachio Hearts

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Pistachio hearts are typical Sicilian pastries made out of pistachios 100% harvested in Sicily and few other ingredients, without milk, flour or thickeners in order to preserve their taste and all the high quality of first-rate raw materials. Made in a small Sicilian pastry shop situated in the province of Agrigento, pistachio hearts represent the spearhead of the Sicilian-pastry product range branded Almasicily. We designed and made them especially for those who love Sicilian delicacies made in the old-fashioned way and wish to take home the most authentic Sicilian flavours or buy them for someone as a present. Once you taste our pastries, you will no longer be able to do without them!

Net weight: 350 gr. of typical sicilian sweets

Origin: Italy/Sicily

How to store: store in the original package, keep in cool and dry place and out of the light.

Ingredients: Pistachio, saccharose, sugar, albumen. The product may contain traces of almonds and other nuts.

Nutritional values for 100 gr of product:

Calorie – calories 398 kcal – 1677 KJ
Proteine/Protein 13,8g
Carboidrati/Carbohydrates 58,7g
Zuccheri 13,7g
Grassi/Fa 12,0g
Grassi saturi/Satured fat 2,56g
Sale/Salt 0,3g