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Grape varieties Glera

Production area Single vineyard located in the old
family estate, Tenuta Civranetta,
close to the lagoon of Venice,

Veneto Region
Soil “Caranto”, pleistocene origin

Training system Sylvoz

Plant density 2.960 / 3.960 plants per hectare

Alcohol level 11% vol

Color Pale straw yellow with typical
veiling of the sur lie fermentation

Bouquet Pleasant hints of green apple,
white peach. A splash of citrus
on mineral background

Taste On the palate it is sapid, pasty,
fresh and harmonious. Floral
and fruity, with slight bread crust

Serving temperature 6°-8°C, consume it limpid after
it has separated from the deposit,
or still slightly turbid

Pairing suggestions The contact with the yeasts on the
bottom makes it soft. Pleasant as
an aperitif, it can be served as well
throughout the meal. Try it with
fried calamari and shrimps. Ideal
also in combination with dishes
rich in fats, such as mountain cheeses and cold cuts. Its versatility
makes it an interesting match with
spicy Asian cuisine

The particular soil of Civranetta estate, near the Lagoon of Venice, conveys a compound aromas balance to every single grape. The proximity to the sea and its prevailing winds, give the
grapes a distinct flavor that increases their aromas. Prosecco Col Fondo is characterized by
the deposit of the yeasts on the bottom: it is made according to the traditional method, which
was used since ancient times, of second fermentation in the bottle without disgorgement.
What is obtained is a dry, fruity and refreshing wine. The prolonged contact with the yeast
confers on it a sapid and decisive finish and a well-balanced flavor, with bread crust aromas.
Direct and clean, it is advisable to consume it limpid after it has separated from the deposit,
even though it may still be served slightly turbid.