BONNIE! Rose Spritzer


BONNIE! Rose Spritzer

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BONNIE! Rose Sprtzer

What rose spritzer? So what is that? Clear answer: that is pretty much the tastiest and most exciting thing there is in the land of milk and honey. Like its big sister "Bonnie Rosé", our dry rosé spritzer made from 60% quality rosé from the Rheingau captivates with refreshing and fruity aromas, from wild strawberries to ripe black cherries and ends with a tingling taste hurricane of freshly harvested raspberries on the tongue! Well chilled, you'll never want to drink anything else. It is particularly suitable for long car journeys in the passenger or back seat, for a bike ride in summer, comfortably on the couch in winter and as a gift or souvenir for a birthday.
Knew? Our Bonnie Rosé spritzer has 0g sugar. How much is a beer again?

Wild strawberries, ripe black cherries, raspberries

Calories: 108
Carbohydrates: 0g
Sugars: 0g
Alcohol: 8%

60% wine, 40% sparkling water

Net Weight 250ml