Let's get acquainted.

I'm Margarita Rovner. A practicing doctor in the beauty sphere, a researcher of healthy nutrition, a traveler, a gourmet.

Observing the statistics of the results of my clients' injectable procedures and based on the research of leading European specialists, I responsibly declare that nothing improves our beauty as much as healthy nutrition. Nutrition provides the most important function of the human body, supplying it with the energy necessary to cover the costs of life processes. Renewal of cells and tissues is also due to the arrival in the body with food plastic substances - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts.

Our nutrition is the key to our health, beauty and good mood!

The range of food and beverages at Euniconer is rigorously tested on a number of parameters. As a doctor, I examine the composition of each product, the quality of the raw materials used and the ecology of the growing region.
I invite you to my weekly blog, where I write about how to combine gourmet food with health benefits.